Line Dance

Line Dance teaches routines danced to a wide variety

of music including latin, waltz, jazz, funk, pop, rumba, celtic and country. It is a great way to learn dance whilst enjoying a low impact physical and mental workout. Suitable for all ages, (8 to 80+), and all levels, no partner required.

Since I began line dancing in 1997, I have watched the scene change radically. For me personally, gone are the days when I used to religiously wear my cowboy boots and stetson, the styles of music and dance genre have changed, the dance wear has changed and I have embraced these changes and moved forward with them.

* enjoy days and evenings of social dancing

days and weekends away

* no age limit

* average 5,300 steps of the recommended 10,000 steps per day in just one class

* classed are tailored to the level and abilities of the group

* available for one off workshops, disco's and events 

Benefits of Line Dancing:-

* assist in the prevention of dementia

* increase happiness and gain new friends

* reduces memory loss and keeps the brain active

* reduces stress and improves your sense of wellbeing

* improves balance and posture, reducing the risk of falls

* improves co-ordination

* strengthens the core

* good for your heart and lungs

* increases muscle strength

* strengthens bones

* helps to keep joins supple

* relieves/decreases pain associated with osteoarthritis

* helps to manage weight

*low impact form ofexercise

It doesn't seem like exercise and is

"really good fun!"

"Music is an international language and reaches everyone in one form or another."